tisdag, februari 22, 2011

Dra in eller sänd ut

"The local church is and will remain at the center of Christian community. It is essential for worship, for sacrament, for fellowship. But the work of the local church, the work of the pastor of the church, is not to lead or cast vision or draw people in, but to equip, disciple, and send Christians out. Clearly this requires an educated and dedicated clergy with training, leadership skills and vision, but the focus of the effort changes in a subtle yet profound way. When the purpose is not to accumulate followers and bring them into the pastor’s vision as replaceable units in a larger plan for mission in the local church but to equip and disciple them to spread the gospel in their own spheres of influence, value judgments about certain kinds of programs and approaches change dramatically." RJS
Vi människor är mest mottagliga för tankar som stämmer med de vi redan tänkt... Det här citatet faller in i den kategorin.

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